IATITAI - Natural cosmetics from Thailand

Support in the areas of influencer marketing, strategy consulting & retention marketing

Our successes

Influencer campaign on tight schedule for Black Friday with content secured for campaign extension
Conversion optimization of the website for a better user experience and more sales
Retention marketing measures to increase the repurchase rate and improve the KPI's overall
SEO audit, keyword analysis and monitoring in the field of data-based content marketing


IATITAI is a natural cosmetics brand from Thailand. Inspired by Asia's natural treasures, the IATITAI care series combines traditional and contemporary natural cosmetics. The client has launched all-natural products made from a modern blend of classic formulas and fresh botanical ingredients. Each individual formula, lovingly prepared by hand, gives the body natural balance and cares for your beauty.

Our customer came to us with the following questions:

Influencer Marketing


Our client IATITAI approached us before Black Friday and wanted to start a micro influencer campaign focusing on a newly launched skincare line.


With our full-service approach, we accompanied the client through all stages of an influencer campaign: from conception, scouting and pooling to logistics and compilation of individual influencer sets, as well as campaign support and influencer payments. After the campaign, the client received a content pool with highly relevant user-generated content that they could use for further promotion.

Retention Marketing


The challenge is to bind new customers to the brand in the long term. The repurchase rate is to be increased and the churn rate reduced.


We support IATITAI in the area of retention marketing with automated e-mail flows. The goal is to turn buyers into long-term customers, to increase customer loyalty and to collect and evaluate highly relevant customer data through customer proximity. The goal of automated newsletter sign-up flow/welcome mails is to convert website visitors into buyers. The open rate of welcome emails is 82%. The use of e-mail lists generates sales, improves brand awareness and customer loyalty, and convinces even undecided customers with objection-handling e-mails.

Shop Optimization


The customer was looking for ways to increase his conversion rates in the store and thus his sales.


Store and conversion optimization solutions included discount policies, product overview page optimization, product detail page optimization (first screen, accompanying CTA button), conversion optimization on the start/shop page, review of internal links (to avoid 404 pages) and an optimization of navigation/user guidance and opt-in solutions. Here, especially mobile and first-screen views are very relevant for the target group. The goal is to quickly increase sales and performance for the customer with just a few smart adjustments.