Traditional Influencer Marketing is an old hat

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You think insights and engagement guarantee purchases? We don't!

With our own technology, we open up new and comprehensive analysis possibilities for our partners that Google Analytics is not designed for. Our AI-driven software makes metrics like traffic, sales, and leads visible for every influencer in your campaign in real time. In addition, follower engagement, click numbers and unique users are recorded in a cookieless manner - so that you can really see which influencer can inspire his community for your brand!

Procedure of a successful influencer campaign

  • Strategy & Concept

    Determination of goals, time and budget planning, target group, influencer criteria and influencer marketing channel mix.


  • Briefing

    Outlines in GenZ language the successful influencer campaign (do's/dont's, wordings, mentions, deadlines, number of content pieces, goals, infors to the brand, tracking links to be set,...).


  • Scouting

    Possible via newsletter, to which our network of over 2,000 influencers can apply directly (within 48 hours) or direct scouting, in which we directly request influencer profiles desired by you.


  • Pooling

    Contractual binding of the selected influencers and negotiation of a media spend suitable for the campaign.


  • Tracking & Kampagnen Setup

    Implementing our AI-based tracking setup and pulling in pre-produced influencer content for the campaign.


  • Start & Controlling

    Strategic and operational support of the campaign as well as monitoring of all postings.


  • Payments

    Handling of all artist logistical efforts including mediaspends.


  • Optimized follow-up campaigns

    Based on our highly precise measurements, influencer marketing becomes easy for you to control and optimize - just as you already know it from other online marketing disciplines.


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Our Clients

You want to do influencer marketing - where do you start?
With one call! We will be happy to advise you personally and go through your marketing strategy together. You can always enrich this with Influencer marketing measures.
You dont have enough time to start influencer marketing?
Yes, we know firsthand: Influencer marketing is a full-time job. But that's what we're here for. Our experienced and dynamic team will gladly become a part of your brand!
You don't know what budget you need for a campaign?
We navigate you through the complex pricing phase with our measurement and experience values and thus prevent you from making the wrong budget decisions.
Uncertain if your products are a good fit for influencer?
There are actually hardly any products that don't fit into the influencer and social media environment! We have certainly already carried out comparable campaigns, which we will show you in a call.
You are missing transparency with agencies - BELLISSY will this?
With the help of an individual time & action plan, you can see all to-dos, the responsible employees and deadlines in real time - here you can also get started yourself at any time.
You made bad experiences with influencer marketing?
Unfortunately, we often hear this from our client. We are looking forward to show you which mistakes can be avoided in the future. This way, your influencer campaigns are guaranteed to be a success.

Media boost with digital experiences & data

Behind BELLISSY is a great tech team with a passion for visible results. However, we also have at least as many creative minds that design the optimal influencer campaign for you. Based on millions of collected campaign data we help you to succeed.

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