Villa Gariful - The most exclusive luxury smart home in Dalmatia

Development of a comprehensive digital D2C marketing strategy and implementation of a cross-platform booking and contingent management solution

Unsere Erfolge

Dynamic relaunch of the website with implementation of a cross-platform booking and contingent management solution within six weeks, increase in pagespeed by 300
Expansion and strengthening of direct customer loyalty through the use of a new booking and contingent management solution, also in the area of retention marketing, to target existing customers
Increase of direct booking rates by 200% since launch with significant reduction of bookings via commissionable platforms such as or Airbnb within two months
Agile direct marketing with international focus via SEA measures and a Google Hotel Partner certification for more reach and visibility to generate leads dynamically

About Villa Gariful

Our client creates a completely new experience for a top vacation in a newly renovated villa on the waterfront of the Croatian HotSpot Hvar. The exclusive villa offers the luxury of a five-star hotel combined with maximum privacy for guests, who can feel at home while on vacation with the highest level of service. As the first luxury smart home in Dalmatia, the team around Villa Gariful consistently pursued the goal of marketing the offer directly to the international clientele.

Unser Kunde kam mit folgenden Fragen zu uns:

Strategy Consulting


The challenge was to address the right target group (luxury segment) and to tap into it. This requires a digital competitive differentiation of other luxury villas. Potential customers must be able to make digital bookings in the shortest possible way.


We supported our client with an SEO review, which includes a potential analysis for successful international positioning as well as an analysis of booking and CRM solutions for the D2C approach, which enable direct booking on the website and facilitate the management of the booking contingent across all platforms. In addition, our client benefits from advice on positioning and strategic pricing and discounting policies to differentiate the competition, also in the context of the major platforms ( and Airbnb). Another solution to increase performance and bookings is the development of an influencer marketing strategy.

IT Service


Shortly before the start of the season, the customer wanted a high-performance and industry-appropriate website that was to be transferred from a non-performing Wordpress structure. Questions like "What does my website need to do to be successful in the D2C sector?" were to be considered in the relaunch of the website.


We dynamically supported our client in software development with regard to comprehensive website and pagespeed optimization to target demanding international customers. Our client benefited from a managed hosting with 24h support. In addition, we implemented a high-performance booking route (direct bookings) within six weeks. Content marketing and SEO measures ran parallel to the relaunch before the start of the travel season.

Performance Marketing


A widespread problem is to prevail as a niche provider in the luxury segment against the major travel platforms ( and Aibnb).


Therefore, we specifically supported our client in developing a SEA bidding strategy with an appropriate keyword set, targeted targeting on customers from the luxury segment, data-based retargeting, implementation of a price and discount strategy to increase direct bookings, increase visibility as a hotel and flanking Local SEO measures.