Market leader in the field of covid prevention and laboratory diagnostics

Support in the areas of performance marketing, IT services and strategy consulting

Our successes

Development to digital market leader within six months with smart online marketing solutions
Implementation and operational realization of a targeted multi-channel marketing mix for B2B and B2C
Increase in organic traffic by 617% (Jan. 15, 2021 vs.Jan. 15, 2022) and increase in Sistrix online visibility by 130,000% (Jan. 15, 2021 vs. Jan. 15, 2022)
SEA strategy for targeted competitive differentiation up to a share of over 90% of all possible impressions in the search network for PCR test offers

About our client

Our client is a market-leading covid prevention, laboratory services company with over 100 testing centers and 2000 employees, as well as a high-growth B2B division. The company offers customized solutions for mass rapid testing for coronavirus to citizens, institutions, companies, countries and municipalities - from stationary testing centers, container solutions to mobile services.

Our customer came to us with the following questions:

SEA Measures


Covid prevention and laboratory diagnostics are an extremely dynamic market environment. Traditional agencies lacked the agility required to comprehensively support the project 24/7. The client's exponential monthly business growth required peak performance in online marketing and strategy consulting. Challenges arose from ever-changing political courses of pandemic response with enormous impact on digital marketing strategy. Covid prevention services also brought significant platform/advertising restrictions on LinkedIn, Google, Bing, and Facebook channels.


We supported our client strategically and operationally in all SEA measures with a high six-digit monthly budget volume to achieve its goal of clearly differentiating itself from the competition. The continuous work on the complex ad account structure showed success with a share of over 90% of all possible impressions in the search network for PCR test offers. The strategic focus was on the first and top position on the SERP and a differentiation through low prices to maximize the possible impressions in the search network.

SEO Measures


Parallel to the growing mediaspend in SEA, the goal is to increase unpaid traffic and make the test sites more visible through Google my Business using Local SEO measures.


Increase in organic traffic by 617% (Jan. 15, 2022 vs. Jan. 15, 2022), and an increase in Sistrix online visibility by 130,000% (Jan. 15, 2021 vs. Jan. 15, 2022).
Certification of all test sites in Google My Business with direct posting capabilities.
By creating a comprehensive SEO audit, the visibility of all websites as well as the visibility of the client's test sites was increased.
Content optimization based on keyword research and competitive analysis, rich snippet optimization to increase CTR, user signals and conversions.
Markup implementation for better cross-platform online visibility of Covid testing facilities.
Internal linking and page structure logic improvement for higher user revelance.

Native Ads


The customer also had to contend with significant advertising/ and platform restrictions in the social media environment. In addition, advertisements were frequently exposed to unwanted polemics.


BELLISSY Solutions supported the client with customized native ads campaigns to increase performance and reach with over 150 million impressions. We implemented a highly accurate geo targeting and optimized performance by device via Outbrain. In addition, we were able to quickly create added value through 8 times higher visibility compared to banner ads as well as bypassing social media channels with the comment functions.



Questions arose such as "How do I make my high-priced B2B services visible to decision-makers in the company at the moment of need?" and "Are my offerings even digitally marketable?


For B2B marketing, we accompanied our client with the following steps:

Creation of a LinkedIn and Xing corporate account to increase visibility and brand awareness.
Assisting with the creation and publication of organic posts to drive more traffic to the company website and gain precise audience insights
Placement of targeted advertising campaigns to reach key decision makers without detours and generate leads
Intensive testing of target groups (specific target groups, targeted new customer acquisition)